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December 30 2015


The Boutique Hotel Experience

Most hotels are simply a place to stay. Rooms are small, minimally comfortable, and have few enhancement or extras. Large chain hotel rooms are a place where someone sleeps, watches some television, and perhaps orders room service when it's too late to go out. For people on vacation, business executives, and people staying over a longer time period, these lodging simply aren't suitable.

Is there an alternative that is more comfortable, more functional, more relaxing, and more like home? Boutique Hotels Melbourne are the affirmative answer to these questions. Below is a list of the advantages they have over large chain hotels.

A boutique hotel melbourne is smaller than the typical chain hotel. Most have fewer than 100 suites. Some have as few as a dozen. This allows each individual suite to be bigger, appointed more luxuriously, and receive more attention from designers, maintenance and cleaning staff, and hospitality administrators.

Allen Baler

The boutique experience makes one of these quality lodgings feel more like an apartment hotel melbourne than simply a place to rest one's head. Closer to a comfortable bed and breakfast (but with larger suites), boutique accommodation melbourne is a better alternative for working vacations, executive and VIP visits, and honeymoons.

Due to the lower number of suites, lodgers get more personal attention from hospitality staff. This includes housecleaning, maintenance, dining, comfort, and other amenities.

This factor also allows boutique hotels to hire notable designers to decorate suites. They use antiques, found items, and their own aesthetic preferences and creative skills. This means every suite is entirely unique, giving lodgers a wide variety of choices in finding their favorites. Each suite has its own substantial personality.

Why all of this may seem to make boutique hotels more expensive than their national, chain counterparts, the opposite is true. Studies have revealed that, on average, boutique hotels are roughly 20% cheaper.

Along with their unique and often rustic charm, they also include state-of-the-art amenities and comforts. Aspirational brands (those which lodgers would want to purchase for their own homes) are available, allowing people to experience them in an atmosphere that doesn't damage the wallet. Such amenities include wireless internet access, video chat, high-tech, digitized refrigerators, induction cooking surfaces, and other items one would find in a smart home.

The above advantages allow big city lodging to have the peaceful atmosphere and comfort of a small town or country inn. The search for the perfect suite may take a bit of time, but it is worth it when one finds a boutique suite that fills their needs much better than any chain hotel can.

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